Friday, January 28, 2011

My Stella Pixie Hat Knockoff

I got this idea here from Sew Liberated. She is amazing! Her little boy looks so cute in this Stella Pixie Hat! But alas, I'm not a knitter. My sister Bridey is (as you can see from her blog), but I was hoping she'd knit my baby girl a sweater (hint, hint). So I decided to fake—I mean make—the hat myself.

I made this cap out of some knit fabric I had on hand. Who says blue has to be a boy color only? I think it looks so cute with the contrasting white jersey knit. And just to make it especially clear that this is a girl's hat, I added a little white flower with a tiny pearl-like bead center (bead from Grandma's trim stash that I inherited).

I wish I could try this on an actual baby because I'm not sure how the fit will be. (I still chuckle over the ill-fitting monkey newborn onesie and cap I made Lincoln, then had to cut off him because it was so small!) I think my Kirsten doll's head is smaller than a newborn's, so I can't get the full effect. If only I had my one-day-old niece nearby.

Speaking of my newborn niece, I wonder if she'd like one of these. Hmmmm...

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  1. Do you have a pic or template of what you cut out to make this cute hat?


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