Friday, May 14, 2010

Feminine Flower Headband

There seem to be flowers popping out of little girls' hairdos everywhere these days. But there's no reason for the under-aged to have a monopoly on this trend!

One afternoon I found myself in need of something special to dress up my hair for an event I was attending that evening. I had this project in my stash so I pulled it out and whipped it together in less than five minutes. Seriously.

I love it. I can wear it on a casual date night, to book club, to church, or to a formal event. And, heck, why shouldn't I wear it to the grocery store, too?

You only need three items for this project:
1. Silk flowers
2. Headband - I got these simple, black metal headbands in a 3-pack for a couple bucks at Hobby Lobby
3. Floral tape. A ribbon would work as well.

Now place your flowers on the headband and secure the stems with the floral tape.

Move over, little girls: you WISH you were 30!
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