Monday, October 11, 2010

Pilot Caps, Goggles & Jackets

I have now posted the pattern. Scroll down to the end of this post!

Have a young pilot-in-training in your house? I have two! For homeschool this year my sisters and I wrote a theme called "Soaring Over America." Naturally we needed pilot caps and bomber jackets for the kids to wear.

As you can see, these little aviators are equipped and ready for take off!

These inexpensive flight jackets are made from Walmart hoodies. I wanted them to have a collar instead of a hood, so I modified them a little. I like how the soft, wool-looking lining shows a little more with the collar turned down.

The pilot caps are made from thin vinyl, though they could easily be made from felt as well (I'm thinking kids' party favors for an "Up" themed birthday...)

I lined the caps for extra comfort and so I could use some cute fabric lining. Don't you love the stars?

I made the goggles out of felt with an elastic backing.

I was thinking these also make great superhero masks by themselves, but in the end I stitched the goggles to the caps so they wouldn't get lost. It also helps my two-year-old put them on easier.


Intrigued? Let me give you a hint. I made the goggles in two layers of felt to help them keep their shape better. I cut out one layer with the felt folded in half so they would be symmetrical, then sewed it onto a rectangle of felt for the second later. Not until I was finished with the sewing (well, minus the openings I left for the elastic) did I cut out the second layer. I've done this with some other projects, too. It's helps out a lot.

By the way, if you're interested in a pattern for the the caps I can post it for you. It took me some tweaking to get it the way I wanted it. I don't mind sharing. Especially with Halloween coming! *UPDATE! Pattern posted below*

I made simple initial patches for one sleeve and sewed wings patches onto the other sleeve. The idea is that the kids will earn more patches throughout the year. I even have a genuine air force wings pin for them to earn. I'm excited for that one.

Don't these look fun all ready and waiting for the boys to find them in the morning? The different colored felt and lining helps the boys easily tell which cap belongs to which kid. No fighting over them!

You can bet these will be doubling as Halloween costumes! I even made an extra cap for myself. Hmmmm... Amelia Earhart or Anne Marrow Lindbergh?

The pictures below are set up so you can easily print each on 8 1/2 x 11" paper. Cut out each picture, overlap them, then tape them together for the pattern. My kids have small heads (as do I), so you'll want to add some seam allowance. I suggest first sewing up a test cap in scrap fabric and adjusting it until you have the right fit. Use felt for a simple, quick cap, or use vinyl and a cotton lining for a fancier one. Feel free to comment or email me with questions. Maybe in the future I'll make it into a full tutorial.


  1. I love what you did with the jackets! You have such a great eye for those things. I like the patch on the side, too.


  2. I need your helmet pattern! I've been looking for one all afternoon! Love this so much.

  3. Wow!! So much of what you do makes me wish I had a boy--and that is saying a lot!! That pilot cap is amazing!

    1. You can do a few changes and make it suitable for a girl....personally I'm using this to make Amelia Earhart costume for myself! Educator's dress up too ! ;)

  4. I looove your caps !
    This morning I tried to make one with newspapers to see if the size was good for my son but I didn't managed...
    I'll wait for the full tutorial.
    Thanks a lot

  5. Hello Brittany,
    Do you think you'll post the tuto online soon or do I try it by myself ?
    I'm not a great seamstress...
    Thanks a lot

  6. Thanks for posting! What a great job! My daughter is very into Up right now, so I might have to make her a cap and goggles for dress up play.

  7. Saw you on pinterest! Thank you so much for the pattern for the hats! I made my 3 year old a biplane out of a cardboard box for Halloween, and this cap is perfect to go with the costume! Thanks! :)

  8. I know I'm late to the party, but how did you make the jackets? Specifically, where is the faux-sheepskin lining from that goes under the collar?

    1. Emilie,
      I didn't make the jackets so much as modify them. I bought hoodies that were already lined with that soft sherpa-type stuff. Then I cut the tops off the hoods to make a wide collar that would fold down. I had to finish the edges. I don't remember if I zigzagged them with my machine, or slip-stitched them by hand. My boys have outgrown them now --sniff--and so I'd have to dig them out of a box that I'm saving for imaginary future little brothers to be able to tell.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I need to make a quick cap for my daughter for school tomorrow as they get to dress up as thier favorite story book character and she wants to be Despereaux from the Tale of Despereaux!

  10. You are awesome, these are amazing! Thanks so much for posting. I'm going to get started on this for my aviator!

  11. Thank you! You saved our Halloween:)! Really Appreciate you sharing this!

  12. Did you make the full tutorial for the cap?


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