Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Green Men Tees

At the time of the Toy Story 3 movie release I saw that both Target and Disneyland had some really cute Little Green Men t-shirts. The Target tees were almost affordable, but I don't like the way they fit. So I did what I do and I bought some plain shirts to make my own. I've had this project ready for several months now, but I hadn't decided if I was going to use my favorite t-shirt embellishment technique using felt, or if I would branch out and try freezer stencils. Then a couple weeks ago I saw these and decided it was time to go ahead with the project using knit scraps.

These are fun shirts to wear to Disneyland, especially if you're going to meet some of these guys:

And do some of this:

And this:

And, inevitably, some of this (waiting in line):

To make the appliqué I printed out a picture of the green aliens, cut out the head, and used it as a pattern for my fabric (in this case, a green shirt of mine that had a stain, plus some other random knit scraps). I pinned it altogether before I sewed. Then I touched it up with some embroidery. Pretty simple.

I actually did the project when I was in California last month. Two (of my four) sisters and I had a little sewing-pregnant party. Yes, we're all three pregnant! Ashley made baby booties and a Pinocchio costume hat for her son's Halloween costume and Sadie (taking the picture) made curtains and baby booties. Then we stretched out with some pre-natal yoga. That was a fun day. I love crafting together!


  1. how funny, i have the same shirt for my 2 year old but had the same thought of making them for my older boys! they turned out toy story anything!

  2. Those shirts turned out great! Lincoln looks so cute with his hat and 3D glasses! I LOVE matching boys. I was just thinking I need to make big and little brother shirts before little one's born! I have enough bobbin' problem sewing without knit though, so I'm going to stick with felt. Hey, will you e-mail me pictures from your trip?

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