Monday, June 14, 2010

The Huge T-Shirt Refashion

A few years ago my husband and I got some X-Large family reunion tees. For this year's reunion I decided to cut mine up and sew it into something I could actually wear.

You can see the difference below. These shirts used to be the same size. Crazy, huh?

My favorite part is the short, gathered sleeves, copied from another shirt I love.

I also love the length of the shirt. It stays in place with no fuss.

I'm considering doing a pattern or tutorial for the sleeves of this shirt because they are so unique. In the meantime, there's a great t-shirt refashion tutorial over on This Mama Makes Stuff. "That" mama actually introduced me to wardrobe refashioning and I think she must be the reason it is so cool today.

After this successful project I'm so ready to hack into some older t-shirts I've had stashed and make them wearable too!
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