Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Sister Blanket

My six year old has had it in his head that he NEEDS to sew a baby blanket for his baby sister before she arrives. I think it's cute that he's so excited about it. We finished the blanket just a few days ago. It only took us two afternoons.

Alexander picked out the fabric with a very specific blanket design in mind. A few days later my sister gave us a blanket out of the same flowered fabric for Christmas! It would have been very similar to the one Alexander would make, so I talked him into making quilt squares instead of just two large pieces sewn together as he had originally planned (although, I do wish the squares were larger). Now the blankets match, but are not the same. I was also able to talk him into using soft minky dots fabric for the backing instead of pilly fleece.

You may have noticed that the satin blanket binding is two different colors. (That comes from my grandma's stash.) Alexander really wanted the binding to be pink, but we didn't have enough pink to go around. So even though we had enough yellow binding, he decided to do half and half, exactly as shown with the two pink sides touching and the two yellow sides touching.

I love the little message he chose to put on the back of the blanket. So sweet!

I did most of the "steering" while Alexander pressed the pedal for me. It's really fun to have a little helper! It does make things go slower, but it's worth it. I'm trying to let him have more freedom, but I can't resist jumping in and offering my ideas (such as avoiding cheap-o fleece).


  1. That is SO impressive! It's so cute! I love it. Alexander's going to have to teach me how to make a quilt seems how I have yet to make one - how embarrassing!!!

  2. Thanks! I'll tell Alexander to give you lessons. There's no batting on the inside of this quilt. The back is so soft and thick enough that it doesn't really need more bulk. Plus it's easier to take with us if it's not too thick.


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