Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feminine Flower Brooch/Hair Clip

Remember my feminine flower headband from last year? This morning I needed a pin for my sweater so I whipped this up in a minute or two. So easy! The silk flowers came from a craft store closeout I went to last year. (Zim's—it was the craziest place, like I stepped into a time machine and went back to a craft store of 25-30 years ago.)

All that's needed for this project (besides the flower, of course) is an alligator clip, a brooch pin, and a little hot glue. Most of the time spent on this project was waiting for my mini glue gun to heat up.

Here's my 34-week pregnant belly with the brooch/hair clip and headband set.

Maybe I should save some of these flowers for the baby girl!

I like the flower as a hair clip because I can place it lower in my hair than the headband. When I wear the headband to church I feel like I'm blocking the view of the person sitting behind me!

Speaking of flowers, I'm really enjoying Grograin's month of Shoe Sugar. I need to make some of these! I also want to make more homemade flowers like the one I made for Melanie's purse last year.


  1. Your belly looks so cute! I have an 8 month old - aren't babies the best?? I LOVE your Etsy stuff, really unique! I make hair clips and sell them in my Etsy shop ( but I'm just starting out. Do you have any advice? Congrats on the future arrival of your little girl and good luck in your business!

  2. I love the flower hairclip low on your hair like that. Of course the alligator clip was good too....

  3. I second Bridey, the flower clip low on your hair is so flattering. And love the preggo pics! You're beautiful!


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