Friday, February 4, 2011

New Cover, Old Boppy

With just over two weeks left 'til my due date I'm going into serious nesting mode. Can you tell? Taking all my baby boy things and making them look new and girly! Latest project: Freshen up the Boppy pillow.

One of my sisters commented to me recently that I have a strange baby girl style. I guess she meant that I use green, blue, and brown just as much (or more!) than pink and purple. I have nothing against the more traditional baby girl colors. I just happen to really like green, blue and brown! And who can resist this beautiful floral pattern?

The minky dots on the other side are so soft. I got the idea from a Boppy cover that another sister of mine recently purchased (below). In fact, I used her new Boppy as inspiration for most of this. Aren't the tulips cute?

 Her cover has a zipper straight across the top (or bottom?) of the pillow, but I decided to put mine around the back where it wouldn't be seen as much. Also this way it doesn't look upside-down when I choose one side over the other.

You know I love my rick rack! I sewed the rick rack just on one side of the zipper flap, taking care not to sew over the zipper itself. I also added a little handle for easy carrying, as I imagine I will be carrying the pillow up and down the stairs a bit for feeding time.

Just for kicks, let me show you the old Boppy cover I made before my oldest was born. This is the same Boppy pillow! Way back then I covered all my indoor baby gear with this white and blue checked fabric so everything would match in our crowded one-bedroom apartment. This was actually cute for boys' fabric back in 2004! Fabric has come a long way since then. Or maybe now I just know where to shop!  (By the way, throwing the Boppy in the washer and dryer does wonders for the fluff level of the pillow, as well as the dust mites.)

I can't wait to see my baby girl sleeping like that!

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  1. I LOVE it!! I like the fabric a lot, it does just scream Brittany. Can't wait to see what other projects are in the works!

    P.S. Bridey sent up her changing pad with Steve.


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