Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bibs and Bias Tape

You might be wondering if I went into labor since I haven't posted in awhile after posting so often for a couple weeks. Well, I haven't had the baby yet. I'm not really expecting her to come until the end of this week at the earliest. I still have so much to do!

Anyway, here are some more bibs I made for a friend of mine. She is having her first boy and I'm having my first girl, so we had a combined shower. I really should have made some girl bibs for me at the same time, but that is just how it goes. I suppose soon I'll do another bib post with girly bibs! I like how this bias tape turned out, especially when the polka dots happened to line up right in the middle.

I was thinking I might do a tutorial on making bias tape, since I mentioned it in the post of Sawyer's bibs. Of course, as soon as I had that thought, lo and behold I saw two different tutorials on making bias tape! It's probably better this way. Dana does such thorough and fun-to-read tutorials, so I'll link to hers. She also has another tutorial on applying bias tape. I didn't realize there was more than one way to do this!

From MADE:

Wish me luck with the birth (and on finishing all my projects before then)!

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  1. Lots of luck blowing your way!!!! I'm so excited for my new up and coming niece! Good job on those bibs. Can I put my order in now?


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