Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tie on that Patriotism

This is one of those projects inspired by the fabric itself. It's from Riley Blake's All Star line. When I saw the paisley I knew exactly what to do with it: Ties!

These were taken on July 4 in my mom's backyard. The flag made for some really fun pictures, although it was stressful trying not to let the boys drag it on the ground!

I love the chest puffs...

The sweetness...

...And the enthusiasm. But enough about my cute boys. Let's talk about the ties.

I had originally planned to make them like a classic tie so I wouldn't have to mess with the clip and all that. But when I cut them out, measuring from a Children's Place tie, I forgot to account for the part that goes around the neck, though at least I remembered the knot!

My local quilting shop sells clip-on tie patterns and the clips, so I made an emergency run over there to buy the clips so I could finish the ties in time for Independence Day. I didn't know how to do the knot (and still don't!), but I just played with it until I got it right, then put in a few stitches to keep it in place.

I made three of these ties. On this one I top stitched the red "lining" in place. In the other ones I sewed then turned. It's nice to try different ways.

Since I cut the ties out on the bias of a yard of fabric I had plenty of leftover material. Here's the first tie, along with matching skirts that went to my nephew and nieces for their birthdays. I had never made little girl skirts before so I had a blast with these.

Here are the girls wearing them on July 4 (taken with a cell phone in Milwaukee--so far away!).

Little Patriots

I suppose I should have posted this for Independence Day, Labor Day, or even September 11. We're closest to that last one, so let's just say this it's 5 days earlier :)


  1. These are great. But where is the 3rd one for your husband?

  2. Ha ha. Yes, that would be very characteristic of me to make one for him, too. Maybe next time. Do you think he wants the clip-on or the classic?

  3. Olivia just wore her shirt on Wednesday for our field trip! My father in law wants me to make tie's for Phill and Porter out of the Colquhoun tardin, but I'm afraid to mess up on such hard to come by fabric! You're turned out great though.

  4. These look great! I love the ties and the skirts! I'm also impressed that you used up your fabric--that's a good way to not have stacks in every closet!


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