Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Third Egg in the Nest

Silver bird nest pendant from Emilina Ballerina's shop on Etsy

Yes, I'm expecting! Not only that, but after birthing two boys I'm finally having a girl! I couldn't be happier about the news. My crafting has been a little (okay, a lot) sluggish the past several months. I'm going to use pregnancy as my excuse, though I can think of a few more to top it off. But now that I'm out of that awful nausea stage—though I'm still in the always tired stage—and I recently learned that Mr. Stork is bringing me a girl, I'm hoping that she will be my muse.

I think my most common comment on craft blogs is that I wish I had a girl so I could make/buy/win that skirt, dress, hairclip, or other flowered or ruffled item, too. Now I'm eligible! And oh-so-excited! I hardly know where to begin. So what are your favorite baby girl items? Where should I start?

And, because I know you'll ask, she is due February 19.

P.S. I did buy that necklace. I feel like I've earned it! And isn't it beautiful?


Thanks for your comments! They make my day!

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