Monday, January 25, 2010

Xmas Gifts 6: Bean Bag Cubes

My husband enjoys laying on our family room floor. From there he reads, uses his laptop, and watches TV. He's always grabbing for something to prop up his head. But he doesn't use soft objects like a normal person would (no offense, Amore). I've seen him use books, VHS tapes, and remote controls (all standing on their ends) as pillow substitutes. I don't know, maybe it's a macho thing that he can't use anything fluffy? So for Christmas I made him some bean bag pillows to do the trick. The beans make them sturdy yet pliable, so he can shape them the way he wants. I made them in different sizes as well.

Actually, I didn't mean for them to turn out so big. I used up most of a 5-gallon bucket of pinto beans from our food storage, and still didn't have quite enough! I'm considering picking the bean bags apart to make them smaller because they are also quite heavy.

I made each bean bag out of fabric I already had on hand, fabric that I like, so that I wouldn't mind seeing them strewn all over the family room floor. I also put some appliquéd messages on them, though I suppose that's not very manly. The appliqués are already coming apart, so I obviously need more practice in that department.

The inspiration for these came from Paper and String's fun doorstops. And, although I only saw these after I had finished the bean bags, they also remind me of Dana's giant Rollie Pollie pillow, but only because (1) we both made some sort of pillows, (2) IKEA fabric was involved, and, (3) let's face it, I just adore her and want to be as cool as she is.

I still have one more Christmas gift to post, then on to some more fun (and more current) stuff.


  1. Brittany! These turned out ADORABLE--and I just love the fabric choices!!! Nice job!

  2. So funny that we both made them! Good minds think alike! :)

  3. These are so cool Brittany! I think it's funny that they are so heavy. I love the fabric you used. That was such a good idea for him. Now the real test is if he uses them! Knowing my bro in law I still see a VHS being more convenience for him sometimes. Classic.

  4. The bean bags are great. I love the fabric you used. The things your husband used to prop his head was hilarious. I'm sure your bean bags will be much more comfy.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

  5. that is so weird abt the head-propping thing - I thought I had the only weird husband that does that!

    BTW, I found you via MADE & the "BOY" celebration - I have 2 sons and I love to sew - this is such a perfect bloggy theme!


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