Friday, January 8, 2010

Xmas Gifts 5: Ashley Purse

My second vinyl purse attempt. This one is a little bigger. It's more like a slim diaper bag. In fact, I tried to make it the same dimensions as my Similac diaper bag from the hospital. I'm embarrassed to admit that. You know the one I'm talking about. It's really the perfect size bag. Ashley's bag is much cuter, though. I love the little bird on it.

I stitched along all the seams to help the purse keep its shape. I was a little disappointed at first because right up until the very last step it looked more like a messenger bag with its flap missing. Then I stitched those final outer seams along the top section and--voila!--the whole thing came together. I was pleased.

Isn't this the cutest little guy? I just want to toss him some bread crumbs.

Here's the lining. Recognize it? It's from IKEA. The little bird on the front of the purse is from this fabric. I love the little inner side pockets. They are perfect for keeping keys and chapstick handy.

Just as I was about to send this home with my brother to give to Ashley in California I realized I didn't have any pictures of the purse on a human. So here I am, modelling the purse at 11 o'clock at night while my brother snapped the picture for me. He actually paid me a huge complement: When he saw the purse he looked a little surprised, maybe even dumbfounded, and told me it looked like the kind of bag his friends would buy from some hip store. He's in with the cool, film student, artsy crowd, and I know nothing about cool, so I was very pleased to get the complement.
(In case you were wondering: The bracelet I'm wearing is one of the gifts my sister Ashley gave me for Christmas. My sister Bridey made me the knit hat for Christmas last year).


  1. I am seriously in LOVE with this bag. It is perfect! I have gotten so many compliments from friends and strangers because of the amazing-ness of it. I think this is the best present I've ever received. It and came just when I needed it so bad. I feel so hip going out now! Thanks again Brittany, your amazing!

  2. SOOOOOOOO adorable!! Love it---and in green---my fav. color

  3. Thanks for commenting on my post, I had to come over here and check out your Ikea fabric bag as! It looks so cute and classy. Also, its a great style, diaper bag inspired or not. Nice work.

  4. Just found your blog through Dana's comments! I'm starting to feel really inadequate here! Lovely things you have made. I'm enjoying looking around!

  5. SOOOO cute! Love that purse! you are so skilled.

  6. WOW. This is so amazing! Do you find sewing with vinyl difficult? I've made one pair of shorts ONCE into a tutu out of black pvc and it was DREADFUL. I hated sewing with it, even if the end result was amazing


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