Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Mailbox

When I was little my mom made us an indoor family mailbox. It looked like a little cottage home with slots on the back for each family member. We sent each other notes and items we had ordered from each other's mail order catalogs throughout the year, but the busiest time for our family mailbox was Valentines Day. A few years ago I bought a paper mache house to make my own family mailbox. Since Valentines Day is right around the corner I thought now would be the perfect time to paint it.

I tried to make the coloring and style look a little like our own house. Wouldn't it also make a fun toy house to play with a little wooden peg family?

What's inside? Two Valentine cards!

I thought the house would be so cute photographed on our front lawn. Then I remembered that it's January and all we have is footprint-covered snow. I tried it on the snow, but the white washed all the color out of the pictures, and my little monkey wouldn't stop throwing snowballs at it. So the Christmas tree skirt and my front porch steps will have to suffice.

I was having a lot of fun painting the jasmine plant climbing up the side of the house. Then it suddenly reminded me of a Thomas Kinkade painting so I immediately had to stop. The other side has a birdhouse and agapanthus plants. Hmmmm... I wonder if it would work to paint flowers on the side of my real house to make it look like I have a garden. Do you think my neighbors would notice?

Here's the before picture. House purchased from Hobby Lobby.

My oldest little monkey and I have already exchanged several letters with each other using our new mailbox. A new (old) family tradition!


  1. I love love love love love it!!!! Beautiful job! Definetely reminds me of Rose Patch Post. Great idea. I'm going to make one for us now.

  2. I love it too!! It's amazing!!! I love the details Brittany. I can see hours of entertainment coming from that little house!

  3. That is so adorable. What a great idea!


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