Saturday, August 1, 2009

Buffalo Patch Tee #2

I finished Monkey Two's buffalo shirt the day after the first one. Notice the buffalo is facing the other way? I also added a zig-zag stitch to the hem and sleeves. I made the process of this one much simpler, but messier. Instead of sewing the buffalo to the inside of the shirt and cutting away the t-shirt, I made the buffalo separate, then sewed it into the shirt. This made the furry fleece go all over the place. Maybe there's a compromise for the next time (if there is a next time!).

I really enjoy trying out new things, making it up as I go along.


  1. I want to leave how to make this shirt! I love it so much I would wear it myself!!

  2. You are so sweet, Christy. Bring a shirt over and we'll make it.


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