Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sneak Peaks

If the blog has been idle for a bit that probably means I've been working on something. Here's a little fabric swatch teaser on what I've been working on:

I love this David Walker Oh Boy! fabric I bought it at Material Girls. So cute, huh? Wouldn't the vehicle silhouettes make a cute car seat cover? That's not what I'm using it for, but I'm considering it for a near-in-the-future project. The animal silhouettes I actually bought in red/orange (darker than the orange/yellow), but I may have bought the green if they carried had it.

Another project? Yes. Let's just say it involves tan and brown vinyl, brown leather, some heavy thread and needles, a little elastic, a hint of this banana fabric, and a lot of readjusting and making over. Yes, I usually overcomplicate things. You'll see. Soon.

These JoAnn bananas are cute, don't you think? My little monkeys will eat them up.

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