Friday, July 31, 2009

Buffalo Patch Tee

Homemade buffalo on purchased t-shirt. I stitched over the red thread on the purchased t-shirt with brown thread to tie the buffalo together a little more. I thought about stitching "Buffalo" or "American Bison" onto the shirt (front and/or back), but I might just leave it alone. What do you think?

I straight-stitched the brown felt and furry fleece for the buffalo underneath the t-shirt in the shape of my buffalo, then cut away the red shirt and finished it off with the tight zig-zag stitch. I might try the next one by just cutting out the buffalo first and sewing it on top like a true patch, but that furry fleece is messy!

I meant to have this done before our Yellowstone trip a couple weeks ago, but did some other projects instead (I can't wait to blog those!). Yesterday Monkey One saw the plain red t-shirts and suggested we put the buffalo on right then. So we did. We haven't gotten to Monkey Two's yet. Maybe today?

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