Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WK Character Magnets (and other stuff)

Completed Christmas 2008:

For the family Christmas present swap this past year I had my little brother, Will. He's a super talented guy who used to be a super talented kid who made a monthly comic book called WK Magazine (WK for his initials). As a teenager I had a paid subscription to his magazine, and also got a few of my friends to subscribe as well. Nowadays he's going to art school as a film major and I must say his short films are hilarious. And of course, his artwork is always treasured.

So for Christmas I decided to resurrect some classic old school WK characters, jazz them up a bit in Photoshop, and give them new life on my brother's refrigerator.

Here are some pictures of the originals

Completed April 2007:

A couple years ago for Will's birthday I took a painting he had made me for Christmas, scanned it, and made it into notecards and a t-shirt for him. They turned out looking a little on the cheesy side (especially the t-shirt) but I'm sure they could be made to look cool. I'm four years older than him, and not cool at all. But the whole point was to show him how much faith I have in him. If he wanted to be the next Paul Frank, he could.

I think he really liked the magnets. Maybe for his birthday I'll rehash the same pictures up into another hip item for his bachelor pad. Hmmm... coasters, perhaps?

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