Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fire and Ice Coin Purse

Completed March 2009
I made this coin purse as a thank you gift for a Twilight fan whose giveaway I won (here). I was nervous making it since I've rarely made anything for a non-family member or close friend. The purse was inspired by Paper and String's adorable felt pouch tutorial (here) (Flickr group for similar purses here). I'm happy to report that the recipient emailed me that she likes it! It's one pouch with two sides. The orange, mustard, and blue are suede-like fabrics that are sewn under the cut out white vinyl. The inside is lined with the same vinyl. The sparkly white fabric is sheer. As in the original felt pouch tutorial, I didn't need to finish the edges of the vinyl.



Ice detail - Does it look like two melting pieces of ice?

This was also the first time that I'd made anything Twilight themed. I wanted it to be subtle (i.e. NOT anything that said "I ♥ Edward" or had a picture of Rob Pattinson's face), so the fire and ice design was the one I came up with. I had a few other ideas in mind, but I'll save those in case I ever need to make something similar again. In the end I added the word "Twilight" just in case the theme was too subtle. What do you think?

4/10/09 update: I forgot that I had meant to post a picture of the packaging until I uploaded my pictures from my camera today and found a bunch more pictures (I'll spare you the cheesy ones with me in it).

This old envelope seriously needed a makeover, so I covered it with a piece of scrapbook paper from my floral Stack. It makes it look so fun, doesn't it? Too bad it was padded with ghetto produce bags from the grocery store instead of some nice new bubble wrap like normal people send. I'm recycling though, right?

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  1. I love my coin purse!!! It is made of all kinds of awesome!! Thank you, Brittany!!


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