Saturday, April 18, 2009

Small World Zippered Pouch

Christmas 2008
Remember how I had my brother for Christmas gift exchange this year? Since he's still a single guy I felt like I had it too easy this year (compared to whomever had my oldest sister, her husband, and their five kids). So this gift was for my brother's girlfriend, Jill. Will told me she loves "It's A Small World" at Disneyland, so I made her something with that theme. These are some of the characters that come out of the clock in front of the ride every 15 minutes. I painted them onto fabric with a fabric paint medium mixed into my regular acrylic craft paints. Then I cut out the characters and applique'd them to the pouch. I'd had this leafy fabric fat quarter from Joann for a little while now. always reminded me of the African Jungle scene in Small World, so it was perfect for this project. I'm glad I finally got to use it!

Here's a North American/USA cowboy with an Asian/Japanese girl.

Here's a Pacific Island/Hawaiian surfer (A.K.A. Greg Brady)(I know, that's still U.S.) with a European/French dancer.

I hesitate to put up these closeups because now you can see all the mistakes!

Initially I was going to do more characters from different continents, but I decided not to complicate things further. Here are some scratch paper drawings. Most of them I copied from images I found online (see bottom of post), a few I came up with on my own...

I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. Now if I could only learn out to sew a zipper into a pouch. I also decided to line it, which made it even more difficult to do! I didn't get a picture of the lining, but I think it had green pinstripes.

Here are a couple pictures I found online. Once I found these it made the project so much easier!

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