Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newborn Bibs

You know when you spend several minutes getting your baby into clean, fresh, adorable clothes and then—wham!—she spits up all over the front and neck of them and then you have to change her whole outfit all over again? Well, here's a little solution: spit up bibs. Then when she spits up unexpectantly you only have to change her bib!

I made two: ruffled and flowered. I think I need more in several colors!

She started getting fussy so I had to put her pacifier in for the rest of the pictures.

You might recognize the fabric from the Stella Pixie Hat Knockoff (here and here). I needed something to match the cute hat, since all of her clothes are pink.

So here they are, paired together:

See what happened when I pulled the "plug" out?

I made these bibs a few weeks ago but held off blogging them because I never put the fasteners on them. In the meantime I've been using safety pins. You know what? I have no idea when I'll get around to putting snaps or Velcro on them! They are not perfect, but they'll do!

While we're talking about bibs, I'll throw this in:

I just saw this picture of my nephew wearing one of the bibs I gave him. It's fun to see something I made actually being used. What a cutie he is!


  1. Really cute Brittany! I love the ruffle. In between feedings last night I was thinking about your unmade nursing cover. I'm going to get cracking on it because once Phil fixes the car we are making a trip up there for a job search. I hope you'll still be at Moms, and we can have a great time all together there! :)

    I am ALWAYS using these bibs. They are my first choice, but I still go through them so fast. I wash them a couple times a week. Porter really likes to wear them too. (Only around the house, not while eating) The funny thing about that is now that Sawyer's neck is so short and chunky, the bibs fit Porters neck better. So funny.

  2. Ashley, you might have to start using a safety pin for Sawyer's bibs, too! A really loooong one. I'm so excited about the nursing cover, especially because soon I'll be going out in public more.


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