Monday, March 21, 2011

Breastfeeding Pads -Or- What To Do With Old Flannel Blankets

With a newborn baby there's one thing that's constantly on my mind: Breastfeeding. And everything that goes along with it. These nursing pads are lined with layers of flannel from old, ugly blankets on the inside and newer cute flannel on the outside. I actually made these a couple years ago when Lincoln was a baby and now I'm using them again with Ivory.

My favorites are the ones with the pink flowers. The pretty/fun fabric puts a smile on my face when I use them. Why not spice up an otherwise ordinary item? It makes life just a little brighter. Another bonus: these breastfeeding pads soak up more milk than the store-bought cloth pads I have.


  1. These are really clever. . . I always need pads when I am breastfeeding because I have issues with too much supply. I'll file this away for later ;)

  2. The ones you made me are somewhere in the shed packed away! I couldn't find them. I'm hoping they'll show up when we move!

  3. Ashley, I think these in the picture are actually the ones I made you. Mine are the same, but without the nifty bag. It's not your typical baby shower gift! I don't think I would make them for someone other than a sister (unless they asked, of course).


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