Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boyer Apron

I think cute housewife aprons make such fun bridal shower gifts. So when I was invited to the bridal shower of a close family friend I got busy. I didn't have my apron patterns (I lent them to my sister out of state and keep forgetting to get them back), so I went online looking for ideas. I ended up putting together what you see here. It's a mix of this apron and another one I saw in my local quilting store last year. I'll call it the Boyer apron, after my friend's soon-to-be-former last name.

I see aprons other people post on their blogs, hanging from a rustic fence or a picturesque tree on a beautiful hanger with old fashioned clothespins. So I decided to skip the usual carpet picture and hang mine on the balcony. Of course what you get is the closest hanger I could find (it has a toddler size 4 tag on it) and office clips instead of clothespins. But it's a slight improvement on my carpet, don't you think?

I thought it would be easy to whip up an apron pattern, but it was trickier than I thought. Maybe if I had made it with a simple tie behind the neck, but I always seem to complicate things more than necessary. I adjusted and readjusted my makeshift paper pattern, cutting it here, taping it back together there.

My friend's favorite color is lavender. It's not the cutest fabric in the world by itself, but together it is so pretty. The rick rack is what really makes it, though. I love rick rack!

Here are some other aprons I've made:

Melanie's Apron
Simplicity pattern 3752
I added rick rack and chose contrasting fabric to brighten it up
March 2008

Sadie's Apron
Simplicity Retro pattern 8720
It has her initials on the pockets
December 2003

Someday I'll make one for myself!


  1. love how feminine it is! the skirt part is so adorable

  2. i messed up on my post before!

    anyways, looks good, brit!

    wait, have i ever called you brit before? has anyone ever called you brit before? if i start calling you brit, would you prefer i use two t's as in "britt" or one as in the classic "brit" i've been using for the past two seconds?

  3. Love that twirling shot of you. fun!

  4. I love how it turned out Brittany! It reminds me of the love family barbie...or heart family?! Anyways, remember that cooking Barbie you or Sadie had? It reminds me of that. Way cute. She told me that she really liked it as well!


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