Sunday, March 10, 2013

Small World and Sleeping Beauty Bags

I wanted to make something to keep some of my girl's toys organized. Instead of reinventing the wheel I went to the always-inspiring Dana of MADE. She has a great tutorial for her Hobo Sacks, with some fun variations. I figured if I was making one for Ivory's new Sleeping Beauty toys I might as well make another for her Small World little people.

This Small World fabric from Alexander Henry is one of my favorites. You've seen it on some bibs I've made, and eventually you'll see it on Ivory's Small World quilt, if I ever remember finish the binding! (She's been sleeping with it for a year without the finishing touches. I just ever remember to finish it and take some pictures!) The striped and polka-dot fabrics are leftovers from the quilt.

 I got the Small World toys from Disneyland. They are adorable! I bought them when I was pregnant with my Girly-o. There are 3 more little characters... somewhere. I need to search her closet! If only we had had this handy sack from the beginning.

Ivory likes opening and closing the drawstring ribbons of the sacks. 

I love her little tongue sticking out as she concentrates on putting her toys away.

Next up (and the reason I started this project in the first place)... a bag for the Sleeping Beauty toys Ivory recently got for her 2nd birthday. I had this small panel of Sleeping Beauty fabric that I got years ago for some unknown future endeavor. It was perfect for this project! I love that it's a still from the actually Sleeping Beauty Disney movie: none of this Let's-put-all-the-princesses-together-and-make-Aurora-pink business. Flora the fairy may disagree, but to me Aurora's dress has to be blue.

I don't remember where I got the green paisley fabric, but the flowery blue fabric is actually from some cloth napkins I bought at Target years ago. (Yes, I do hang on to stuff.)

Here are the characters toys. I also love that this set came with Aurora in her Briar Rose clothing (Who I was sort of named after, by the way). Now where have Flora and Sampson the Horse gone too? They were missing BEFORE I made the sacks. I'd just like to point out that we haven't misplaced any more since. You may have guessed it, but I got this character set before I had a girl, and possibly even before I was pregnant with one! I had been saving it.

The square Sleeping Beauty panel prevented me from turning down the drawstring casing any further. It ended up fairly narrow so I could only fit one drawstring through. But check this out: I made the drawstrings from the hem of the cloth napkin. I just twice-folded the raw edge and stitched it down. No turning required! There's even a right angle on the drawstring where the napkin had a corner!

Ivory thinks this bag makes a good hat, too. I love 2-year-olds.


  1. At disneyland on Friday I was just telling Amanda and Dad how I had made a hobo sack, since we were talking about Leslie's new sewing machine and projects Dad wanted her to make him.

    These are so adorable! And you are very right, Aurora's dress has to be blue.

    You've inspired me, and now I want to make more. Hmm, which of our many toys needs organization? Wait that's all of them. Maybe I'll start with the toy story and mickey ones.

  2. Ashley, we must be on the same wavelength!

  3. I read this post and thought it was funny that you were talking about MADE's hobo sack too. Cute stuff Brittany! And Ivory is so cute!


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