Saturday, January 5, 2013

Toddler Shoes Makeover

I have a fairly strict no-characters-on-shoes rule. I got these shoes on clearance a few months ago with the intention of covering them with SOMETHING. Paint? Felt flower? My baby girl really liked the Dora on them (though she's never seen the show), but I never let her wear them outside the house.
I used a couple samples from my extensive supply of vinyl to make the flowers and leaves to cover the obnoxious cartoon on these shoes. I used regular hot glue, but I plan to use E-6000 if the flowers start to come off.

I must admit I was nervous at first that she'd be upset about covering Dora, and I was greatly relieved when she was excited about the flower. SCORE!

There are a few little parts of the design underneath that show around the edge. I could have been more careful and covered them up, but I'm okay with the way they turned out. And so is my daughter, which is what matters. 


  1. These are wonderful make-overs. Thanks for the idea, my 5 year old son really adores sponge bob and i wanted to get him one but i couldn't find one that is not that fancy. I'm going to surprise with this one. i'm sure it will make him happy. Thanks!

  2. What a fantastic idea, Brittany! I love it! :)


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