Monday, May 16, 2011

Famous Fabric Designers and... Me!

This week has been fun. The Quilter's Market has been in town, along with some of my favorite fabric designers. I don't have the "ins" to go to the big show, but some of the the show came to me! Both Amy Butler and Heather Bailey made appearances at my local quilting store, Material Girls, for a meet and greet.

Amy Butler came on Tuesday. My mom and I went together. Amy Butler was so sweet. She really took time to talk to each of us and to answer our questions thoroughly.

She signed a fabric quarter for me! I plan to put it above my sewing desk.

Heather Bailey came on Friday. More fun! This time my mom wasn't able to come with me. But I met some really fun girls while we were waiting for our turn to meet Heather. And, of course, I had my sweet Ivory with me. (She's a great conversation starter!) Heather Bailey is absolutely gorgeous. She is also very friendly. She talked to a group of us for a long time and included us all in the conversation.

Here are some Heather Bailey fabrics along with the fat quarter she signed for me.

She wrote "happy sewing" because I told her my plan to hang it over my sewing space for inspiration. I'm thinking of putting both autographs and some other favorite fabric on canvases or in frames in a fun arrangement. Won't that be inspiring?

I also bought a cute little elephant pattern. I would have had her sign it, but I just picked it up at the last minute right before I left.

I am so honored to have met these talented, successful women. I love that they create so much beauty for us all to enjoy.

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