Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ghost of Halloween Present

...One of the Little Green Men from Toy Story!

You already know I'm a big Toy Story fan. This year I added this little alien to our family's growing Toy Story costume collection.

Here's my youngest little monkey, looking adorable, even with a third eye.I'm surprised he let me put it on him!

"The Claw!" "The Claw is our master!" "The Claw decides who will stay and who will be chosen!"

The fabric is super soft and plush on the inside and out. Perfect for snuggling a little Martian. Or a former resident of Pizza Planet.

The alien head is a little big on him, otherwise the antenna would stay up straighter, like it does when his brother wears it. I used the monkey pattern I told you about before to get the shape of the head. The ears and antenna I made up as I sewed.

Speaking of the brother, here is our little friend with his big brother Buzz Lightyear (a purchased costume--only my second ever). Together this duo will conquer the Universe! Or at least their Halloween candy.

...Which was collected in these personalized flannel Buzz Lightyear Trick-Or-Treat bags.

For the jogging suit I used pattern pieces from this old pattern from 1985. My mom must have used it to make some fashionable baby clothes for my youngest sister. If only Toy Story had been around back then!

Only 7 1/2 months until Toy Story 3 comes to theaters. Are we excited?


  1. Oh my goodness that is wonderful! You don't know me, but I found you on Grossgrain, and this was the first post that popped up. I love it!

    We were all Toy story characters for Halloween this year, and I wish I had thought of this for my toddler instead of his Mr. Potato Head costume. He'd have been so much happier in something like this. Please tell me did you make the pattern for the hat or just free sew it?

    I'd love to make when we all dress up to see the next Toy Story movie.

  2. totally cute! LOVE the 3rd eye. perfect touch! thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Oh my goodness these are the cutest. I only wish to be half as good one day!

  4. Your boys look so cute and you did such an awesome job on the outfits.
    I am in awe!


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